Scott Bernstein - Senior Recruiter, Engineering

Scott BernsteinAccentuate Staffing Start Date - 1/6/16Astrological Sign - Libra

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When asked what the ‘Power of Positive’ means to him, Scott included the following:

Scott continues our streak of finding great recruiters from New York. Born in Huntington, NY, Scott earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business from Syracuse University (back when they had a respectable football program).

When Scott is not working the phones building his Engineering pipeline or placing folks into jobs, he enjoys hanging out with his 2 children and their dog. Sports, real estate, traveling and pulling for his favorite New York teams are just a few of his hobbies in his downtime. Occasionally, you will catch him at his favorite watering hole belting out a few verses on Karaoke Night – look out Frank Sinatra!

Libras are known for being gracious, diplomatic and fair minded, 3 traits that are indispensable in the recruiting world when you are helping candidates make impactful career decisions.

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