Laura Turner - Senior Recruiter, Office Professional

Laura TurnerAccentuate Staffing Start Date - 09/01/04Astrological Sign - Taurus (shares same sign as her recruiting partner)

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‘The Power of Positive’ encourages enthusiastic, appreciative interaction with every person you engage on a daily basis.

Consistent with the characterization of a Taurus sign as having “good taste in clothing”, Laura earned a BS in Fashion Merchandising at Meredith College.

Married, with one exceptionally clothed child, Laura enjoys running, reading, and escaping to the beach whenever possible.  A figure skater in middle / high school, Laura gave up a budding career to chase teen age boys.

A member of the St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Laura currently serves on a committee for the St. Michael’s Day School.

Fixed signs, like Taurus, “are associated with determination, depth, and persistence”.  If you witnessed Laura “working the phones”, you’d quickly acknowledge her never give up recruiting attitude.

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