Looking for a Purple Squirrel

Looking for a Purple Squirrel

Purple Squirrel Search

The Purple Squirrel is the toughest of all job searches – the position with the most challenging, unique combination of work experience and skill sets.  The position that has been open for months on end as candidate after candidate is ruled out.  The requirement so critical that the hiring manager will only entertain a perfect match for every bullet on the job description.

Although no one has ever seen a Purple Squirrel, scientists tell us they exist.  Hiring managers tell us they exist.  Our recruitment team at Accentuate Staffing has seen hundreds of Purple Squirrel positions in our over 22 years in the recruitment industry.  Fortunately, we have found a few of these unique creatures for our clients along the way.  Challenge our seasoned team of recruiters and see if we can present one of these unique candidates and help you to save the day!

Areas of Expertise

C-Level Management

Legal Office Support

Specialty Headhunting

Medical Office Support

Product Managers

Operational Management

Bilingual Professionals

Needles in Haystacks
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Purple Squirrel

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