Melissa Sledge - Senior Recruiter, Special Projects

Melissa SledgeAccentuate Staffing Start Date - 05/05/07Astrological Sign - Taurus

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‘The Power of Positive’ means that no matter what goes on in life, as long as you remain positive, you can overcome it.

Melissa graduated from St. Leo’s University with a BS in Human Resource Management.

“Mel” has no time for personal hobbies, as she’s a self professed workaholic.  She does find some time to perform the duties of the Assistant Football Commissioner for the North Raleigh Athletic Association.

By the time Melissa turned 23 years old she had lived in 6 different States, at 15 different addresses, as the traditional Navy “brat”.

By now, you’re well aware that the Taurus “has good taste in clothing”.   To tell you the truth, one of the (only) reasons that we hired Melissa was that she had on the cutest red heels on the day of her first interview.  That’s the kind of style and confidence we respect.