Kelly Joyner - Senior Recruiter

Kelly JoynerAccentuate Staffing Start Date - 12/1/14Astrological Sign - Leo

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The ‘Power of Positive’ means I believe we have a responsibility to be a blessing to others.  The power of small, random acts of kindness are immeasurable and create positive energy for both the giver and receiver.

Kelly was born in Wilson, NC and hasn’t strayed too far – now living and working in Johnston County. After graduating from Hunt High School and UNC Wilmington with a BA in Communications and minor in English, Kelly hit the ground running in the staffing and recruiting world. When she is not busy finding career opportunities for folks in the ‘JoCo’ area or playing with her 4 children, Kelly enjoys reading, travelling, painting and the occasional glass of wine. Kelly was a near movie star in the 1994 movie Radioland Murders – finishing in the top 15 for 10 spots as a dancer.

Leo’s are known for being warm, bright, self-motivated and a ball of dynamic energy – just like the sun. Kelly embodies all of these characteristics and then some – let her put the ‘Power of Positive’ to work for you!

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