Mandy Roberts – Recruiter, Information Technology

  • Accentuate Staffing Start Date – 6/20/11
  • Astrological Sign – Leo

‘The Power of Positive’ is the affect that you can have on everyone that you come in contact with by being genuine, honest, uplifting, and optimistic even when faced with discouraging situations.

Another in the long and distinguished list of Accentuate Millbrook High School alumni, “Manders” was born in Danbury, Connecticut. She majored in Middle Grades Education at Appalachian State University, which makes her a perfect fit to keep a handle on the office cut ups.

Mandy enjoys traveling, running, reading and coffee drinking – not necessarily in that order. She once successfully saved a swimmer while diving in South Carolina and has also taken the Polar Bear Plunge to support Special Olympics. I guess we should add swimming to her list of pleasures.

Leo is represented by the Lion which is reflective of Mandy’s tenaciousness and never give up attitude when filling those hard to find technology requisitions.