Krupa Patel – Recruiter, Information Technology

  • Accentuate Staffing Start Date – 01/05/11
  • Astrological Sign – Virgo / Libra Cusp

‘The Power of Positive” means embracing obstacles as challenges, because there is hope and opportunity in every situation…and always believing the Chicago Bulls will make a comeback!

Born in Roanoke, Virginia, “Krups” graduated from George Mason University with a BS in Psychology.  A crazy experience that bordered upon the fascinating and the gruesome, Krupa had the opportunity to “work on” a cadaver; talk about dissecting an applicant’s background.

When not celebrating with a “big” night on the town or relaxing with a good book, Krupa offers her free time to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization.

The Cusp of Beauty!  On the positive side, thought to be excellent arbitrators, ambitious, and great communicators (pretty good recruiter traits).   The flip side: aloof, fussy, and fickle. Can you say “high maintenance”?