Jeannelle Roth – Supervising Senior Recruiter, Scientific and Clinical

  • Accentuate Staffing Start Date – 02/25/08
  • Astrological Sign – Gemini

‘The Power of Positive’ brings to mind the quote:  “Your life is your garden; your thoughts are your seeds.   If your life isn’t awesome, you’ve been watering the weeds” – Terry Prince

Jeannelle earned her MS at Vanderbilt University (after making all of us proofread her thesis) and a BS in Biology from Earlham College.

Jeannelle is recently married, adopting three “fuzzy’ children, Riley, Randy, and Calvin.  She runs, plays soccer (the scars to prove it); enjoys cooking and reading.  Though never clinically diagnosed, she is mildly claustrophobic, and marginally ophidiophobic (note the hilarious scientific humor).

Jeannelle is a member of the ASPCA and the Girls on the Run of the Triangle.

A Gemini, an air sign, has “a tendency to harshly judge” (themselves).  They also possess “the virtue of knowledge, actively acquiring it through experience, education, and association”.  Seems like an accurate portrayal of our resident bench scientist.