Evlyn Novicki – Controller

  • Accentuate Staffing Start Date – 11/07/07
  • Astrological Sign – Virgo

‘The Power of Positive’ means accepting new challenges and searching for continuous improvement…and loving it!

Evlyn earned a BBA in Economics at the University of Georgia and an MBA from the University of Nebraska. In the “it’s a small world department”, Evlyn and Jeff attended the same high school in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Evlyn has two children. It is unfortunate that her hobbies are reading and hiking, with no references to big time college football, at all. Having held 20 jobs across 9 different States, it’s no wonder she likes to hike.

Virgos, an earth sign, “generally have good taste in clothing, and most are connoisseurs of food and drink”. One of those characterizations, which we’ll leave to the imagination, is undeniably true.