Ashley Everling – Human Resources Coordinator

  • Accentuate Staffing Start Date – 1/14/13
  • Astrological Sign – Sagittarius

The ‘Power of Positive’ is all about attitude. The old adage you catch more flies with honey than vinegar comes to mind. Optimism breeds optimism and if you go into situations with a positive attitude the likeliness of a positive outcome is greater.

‘Ash’ originally hails from Tucson, Arizona but joins Accentuate as another Millbrook High alumnus (maybe all of our work in the career center has paid off).  She graduated from NC State University earning a BS in Business Administration and a BA in International Studies.

When Ashley is not kickboxing, taking a dance class or working on her creative writing, she keeps a handle on all of our HR compliance and time reporting systems here in the office.

Sagittarians greatest strengths include their philosophical, wide-open and curious nature as well as experiencing life as a wide open adventure.  Calling herself an “anti-adrenaline junkie”, Ashley has swam with sharks, gone cliff diving, and hiked 30 miles of mountain ranges littered with bison, rattlesnakes and cacti – we are afraid to ask what she does for fun on the weekends.  Even with all of those adventures, she still ranks interning at Accentuate Staffing as the craziest of all.